Revolutionary VoiceSMS/Robocall

Our revolutionary VoiceSMS/Robocall enables you deliver high quality Voice messages to your desired recipients in with little effort. The pre-recorded audio messages are uploaded to our platform and sent to your recipients via our website, mobile app or via our robust API.
While our Text-To-Speech (TTS) service enables you send text messages which are converted to audio and delivered to your recipients as a Voice call. This is perfect for 2-Factor Authentication as you can deliver verification PINS/Codes via Voice calls.


Voice SMS and Robocall Features

  • Pre-recorded messages (.mp3 or .wav format)
  • Bills per second
  • Advanced web-based interface
  • Scheduling of Calls or Text-To-Speech
  • Customized Caller ID
  • Multi-Platform access: web, mobile and API
  • 30 languages supported.

  • Where Voice SMS/Robocalls/TTS Finds Uses

  • Political Campaigns
  • Phone verification-2FA (send Verification codes as a call to users)
  • Broadcast of Inspirational messages
  • Delivering audio Jingles for commercials
  • Broadcast alerts and sensitive information in various languages

  • Industries that can benefit

  • CReligious Institutions, Churches, Mosques
  • Schools - Private and Public Schools
  • Politicians and People Running for Offices
  • Financial Institutions - Banks and Insurance
  • Internet Service Providers,
  • Call centres and Customer Service Departments
  • Marketing/Sales Service Providers
  • Hotels, Restaurants and Fast Food Vendors
  • Travels ans Tours Businesses, etc

    • Video Tutorial
    • Sending Voice SMS
    • Signing up


    You can send pre-recorded Voice SMS/Robocall and Text-To-Speech Message on our website. The audio messages have to be in .Mp3 or .WAV format. We bill per second.

    The following steps will guide you in sending VoiceSMS/Robocall and Text-To-Speech on our website. Please note that you will need to Upload an Audio File or Recording first before sending the message. Click the link below for video and detailed explanation of the steps involved.

    Sign up at today to start using our Voice SMS/Robocall/Text-To-Speech Service (TTS) or get in touch with us today via the following channels:

  • Call/Text/WhatsApp: +2347036654539,
  • E-mail:

  • Personalization

    Instead of a standard SMS text message or email marketing campaign, voice SMS broadcasting campaigns can be scripted to provide a personalized message that can peak an immediate interest by your potential customers.


    Interactive voice broadcasting campaigns allow recipients to listen to the voice message and use the phone’s keypad to interact with the system. You can use this to send out phone surveys, confirm appointments or direct the caller to other menus.

    Cost Effective

    Voice broadcasting campaigns are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to deploy a message through an effective medium. Voice broadcasts merit almost immediate attention, especially when transmitted to GSM phone numbers.